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Bradley's Story

If you are reading this, you are either most likely an employee of the State of Alabama, or it was forwarded to you by one of the employees as part of the annual SCC fund drive to assist the various charities in Alabama, including the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Alabama and the Children’s Miracle Network.  Even though the economy is experiencing hard times, I still believe in supporting the SCC through my payroll deductions.


First, a little background. My husband had a closed head brain injury in 1990 and stayed at Health South Rehab hospital for about 5 months learning to deal with short term memory issues and getting back on his feet. Within a few months after he had recovered from that he also developed a melanoma cancer on his leg which had already spread to his lymph nodes...

Catherine's Story

Over a year ago, I made my first phone call to Easter Seals Service Dog program to inquire about a trained Dog for Catherine. Catherine is my 13 year old daughter who has a rare skin disorder called Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). EB causes Catherine’s skin to be so fragile that the slightest touch can cause the skin to tear and blister, both inside and outside of her body. People born with EB lack the anchors that hold the layers of their skin together.

Alabama Rural Coalition for the Homeless

When 22 year old Jarmel and 27 year old Tamika Austin came to ARCH seeking assistance to locate housing and supportive services to include case management; they were unemployed and literally homeless living in a motel. This family had suffered tremendously when Jarmel lost his job. Within a matter of months they were evicted from their trailer and found themselves without any family and friends to turn to for support.

Sarah’s Story Kid One Transport

Consider this: four weeks premature... diagnosed with diabetes and hydrocephalus... three surgeries before her first birthday, including the placement of a shunt in her brain. Not many of us can imagine a more difficult beginning to life. Such was the beginning for little Sarah.

Alabama Kidney Foundation

I would like to share with you a story about a person with kidney disease. In 1977, this person was diagnosed with kidney disease at the early age of 9. What was thought to be an appendix attack, turned out to be a severe kidney infection with a later discovery that the child was born with only one kidney that functioned and that the right kidney was only the size of a walnut.

Just how does your contribution make a difference?

A gift of:

$3.00 buys a quality age appropriate book for a child who doesn’t have a book in their home – Alabama Kiwanis Fnd./Jean Dean RIF

$6.00 pays to transport a victim from the Hospital Emergency Room to a shelter – 2nd Chance

$8.00 provides funds for an underserved child to receive oral care from a licensed dentist – Auburn City Schools Dental Clinic

$15.00 buys 210 pounds of food to feed the hungry – The Food Bank of East Alabama

$15.00 buys a sheet of floor decking to help a family realize their dream of being home owners – Autauga/Chilton Habitat for Humanity

$20.00 buys a comfort kit for a victim of a disaster - American Red Cross, Calhoun County

$35.00 provides transportation for 1 dialysis patient to and from treatment for one week – Alabama Kidney Foundation, Montgomery Chapter

$40.00 buys a month’s worth of cleaning supplies for a “Babies First” home for young mothers – United Methodist Children’s Home

$45.00 pays for a round trip visit to see the doctor for a child or expectant mother – Kid One Transport

$52.00 provides $1,000.00 worth of free prescriptions – United Way of Selma and Dallas County Healthlink Program

$63.00 provides a victim with food and shelter for 5 days – Domestic Violence Intervention Center in Lee County

$72.00 helps a low-income mother purchase a month’s supply of diapers for her infant – Special Deliveries Lee County

$100.00 provides the funds to give 50 dialysis patients gift bags at the holidays – Alabama Kidney Foundation

$250.00 pays for one animal cruelty investigation – Montgomery Humane Society

$260.00 helps provide food, clothing, shelter and counseling to a family who lost everything to fire – Red Cross Etowah Co.

$300.00 provides therapeutic horseback riding lesions for a 10-week session – Montgomery Area Nontraditional Equestrians

$475.00 sends a handicapped child to Camp ASCCA for a week – Camp ASCCA

$500.00 buys “Reach to Recovery” visits for 5 women – American Cancer Society

$574.00 pays for one month sheltered employment for a person with multiple, severe disabilities - Workshops

$1,000.00 pays the expenses of a cancer patient at the Hope Lodge for one day – American Cancer Society


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Copyright © State Combined Campaign, All Rights Reserved

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